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7 tons of versatile Container Dolly What are the uses for it

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The 7-ton Multi-Purpose Container Dolly is mainly used for loading P1P, P6P pallets, and LD1, LD2, LD3, LD4, LD7, LD8, LD9, LD11, LD26, LD29, LD39 containers.

Overall dimensions (L x W x H) (mm): 4022 × 3450 × 1570 (including the height of the mop)

Self-weight: ≥1100Kg

Load: 7000Kg

Turning angle: ≥25

Minimum turning radius: ≤4500mm

Maximum speed :30km/h

1, the car's tires are super wear-resistant solid core tires, long service life;

2, loading: trailer according to the specifications of the size of the box board, both sides of the fixed limit guide plate, the two ends and the middle of the 3 sets of movable baffle, the two ends of the head of the movable baffle according to the installation of the fall insurance, the baffle can be loaded .  P6P, P1P, PQA pallets, or LD1.2 pcs, LD2.2 pcs containers.

3. The front and rear four fixed baffles are strengthened with guiding function to prevent the cargo from being stuck when the loading direction is slightly incorrect;

4. The rear part is equipped with self-locking hook device, which prevents the rear car from unhooking and makes the car train connect smoothly;

5、It is equipped with two rows of 28 galvanized roller drives, with a patterned walkway in the middle, which is convenient for operation;

6. The mop has dual functions of multi-vehicle connection and brake;

7、Designed with forklift positions on the left and right sides, it is convenient to move the tow truck by forklift;

versatile Container Dolly



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