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Aircraft Lavatory service truck (electric) JSTY5060GWSE product introduction

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JSTY5060GWSE Aircraft Lavatory service truck (electric type) is a new type of airport special vehicle for collecting sewage and filling water for aircraft, which is modified by Qingling QL1070BEVECDAY chassis. The vehicle is designed as a rear lifting work platform, with a large capacity cleaning and sewage tank in the middle, a vacuum pump suction system and a water pump water supply system, the vacuum pump suction system can efficiently and conveniently provide suction service for the aircraft sewage tank, and the water pump water supply system provides cleaning function for the aircraft sewage tank and the sewage tank of the sewage truck. The chassis cab of the product is flat head, single row seat, two-door type, and the occupant is 3 people; The drive type is 4×2, the volume of the clean water tank is 1600L, the volume of the sewage tank is 3280L, the effective volume of the circulation water tank is 120L, and the flow rate of clean water is 210L/min. The suction sewage flow rate is 600L/min.



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