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Aircraft Passenger Car Features

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1. The support span is large and the stability is good;

2. Using advanced hydraulic technology, stable performance and low failure rate;

3. Use multiple sets of protection devices and emergency measures, safe and reliable;

4. The platform structure is flexible and diverse, and fully meets the convenient docking with the aircraft door;

5. The structural friction is made of high quality materials and the appearance quality is good;

6. The step stool adopts special special anti-slip aluminum profile, which not only has beautiful appearance, but also has good anti-slip effect;

7. Adopting Qingling 600P chassis, the quality is stable and reliable is the most advanced configuration in China;

8. The vehicle's simple, safe and advanced design can meet the requirements of aircraft with a door height between 2200mm and 4800mm;

9. Wide range of lifting and lowering, suitable for a wide range of applications;

10. All technical performance is advanced, stability is good, reliability and maintainability are good;

11. The operation is safe and convenient, the structure design is reasonable, the process is advanced, and the appearance is beautiful.



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