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Aircraft Tractor

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An aircraft tractor is a kind of support equipment for towing aircraft at the airport. It can also be used in the manufacture of aircraft to move large parts or aircraft. During the assembly process of the aircraft, for the sake of energy and environmental protection, an electric motor power system with no exhaust emission and low noise is usually used.

According to the different traction methods, tractors can be divided into rod tractors and rodless tractors.

Rod tractor aircraft tractor simulator / teaching equipment

A rod-type tractor is a special vehicle that is connected to an aircraft using a dedicated towbar that matches the aircraft to carry out an aircraft towing operation. The aircraft traction rod is a special special rod with a buffer device and a torsion shearing device in the middle. It transmits power and slows down the impact of the tractor on the aircraft.

The advantages of a rod-type aircraft tractor are mainly as follows.

1. Mature technology. Aircraft towing vehicles have experienced decades of development with the development of the aviation industry, and the technology has been quite perfect.

2, do not directly contact the aircraft, do not consider the adaptability of the aircraft connection device, as long as the traction is appropriate, you can use the corresponding drawbar to pull the aircraft.

3. Wide application. The tractor can tow aircraft, aircraft parts or other equipment to make a multi-purpose vehicle.



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