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Airport Passenger Stairs WTJ5060JKT main technical parameters

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Airport Passenger Stairs are special mobile equipment for airport ground to provide accommodation stairs for passengers or staff to get on and off the plane. There are open space in the vertical direction of the engine and transmission components of the aircraft passenger stairs, and sufficient maintenance space for all components in the horizontal direction. With perfect driving, transmission, steering, braking, hydraulic, lighting and electrical control systems, the overall layout is reasonable and beautiful, the layout of the cab should be simple and clear, comfortable to ride, broad vision, easy to operate, the design of the operation part is reasonable, the layout is intuitive and clear, the operation is convenient, and the cab with air conditioning is equipped. The service life of the main structural components and assemblies reaches more than 10 years, can work all weather, and has good rain, moisture and corrosion resistance.

Main technical parameters

Chassis type Qingling (QL1070A1KAY)
engine Model number Isuzu 4KH1-TCG40
Maximum power (88Kw/3000rpm)
Profile size
(length x width x height) mm
Wheelbase mm 3815
Vehicle quality  kg 6700
Platform off ground
lowest 2400
The highest 5800
Expansion of the platform (mm) 0--300
Fixed platform (length x width) mm 2800×1800
Fixed ladder rungs 15
Elevator steps 13
Turn the steps 1
Maximum number of passengers (persons) 60
Maximum tilt Angle of ladder body 39.5
Step size mm 1500*270*180
Minimum ground clearance mm 160
Airport Passenger Stairs WTJ5060JKT main technical parameters



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