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Container front lifting machine structure form and type

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(1) Structure form

There are two main forms of container front lifters:

1 single boom container front lifter

The single-arm container front lifting machine has a two-stage telescopic single lifting arm, and the arm frame is supported by two pitching hydraulic cylinders. The utility model has the advantages of simple structure, convenient manufacture and flexible operation. It is currently the most widely used form of container front lifter.

2 arms frame container front lifter

The double-armed container front lifting machine adopts double lifting arms, each of which is supported by one pitching hydraulic cylinder. The two sets of arms can be operated separately or synchronously. The load distribution of the boom is reasonable and the spreader works stably. Sexual improvement, but the structure is complex and the mobility is poor. Currently less used.

(2) Classification

Container front lifters can be divided into two categories according to different work objects:

1 heavy box front lifter

It mainly works on containers with heavy loads, and can generally stack 4 to 5 containers.

2 empty box front lifter

Only work on empty containers, generally stacking 7 to 8 containers, up to 10 floors.



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