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Electric Aircaft Cateing Truck hydraulic system introduction

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JSTY5100JSPE aviation Cateing Truck is a special vehicle for various types of aircraft catering

The active joint part of the hydraulic system adopts the way of hydraulic hose, and all the control valves and control switches involving the hydraulic system are made of well-known brands. There are two sets of hydraulic system, one is to control the lifting and lowering of the body, and to support the feet. Another set of control platforms moves left and right and retracts back and forth. The main hydraulic components are well-known brands. The directional valve of hydraulic system adopts electromagnetic directional valve. Each cylinder outlet has a two-way hydraulic lock. The hydraulic system is equipped with outlet and return oil filters. Under the rated load, the lifting speed should be 80mm/s to 150mm/s.

Dynamic emergency system: In the case of main power failure, through the emergency electric pump work, the mobile platform can move left and right, the telescopic platform can expand back and forth, the car body can rise and fall, and the support foot can be retracted and retracted.

Manual emergency system: through the hand pump, the body can be lowered and the support foot can be recovered. Emergency evacuation time is not more than 5 minutes. The operation panel has the protection of the vehicle in the fault, and the protection panel has the key control.

The hydraulic pump adopts the gear pump and is driven by the gearbox through the force extractor. Lift cylinder, the outer wall surface of the telescopic part is chrome plated. The hydraulic cylinders are all single hydraulic cylinders. Hydraulic system equipped with graduated pressure gauge. The fixed part of the hydraulic pipe of the hydraulic system adopts galvanized precision seamless steel pipe, and the active part adopts high pressure hose. The bursting pressure is 3 times that of the system pressure. The hydraulic cylinder locking solenoid valve, hydraulic lock and hydraulic tubing are installed on the front and rear direction of the vehicle. A warning light flashes when the platform is raised or lowered.

Technical parameter

Total length (mm) : 9980

Total width (mm) : 2300

Total height (mm) : 3750

Wheelbase (mm) : 5200

Wheel base (front/rear) (mm) : 1680/1650

Rated power of drive motor (kw) : 75

Platform working height (mm) : 2120~6000

Body load rating (kg) : 3500

Adjustment range (mm) for the left and right moving platforms: 0 to 500

Adjustment range of the front and rear expansion platforms (mm) : 0 to 600

Fixed large platform (length × width) (mm) : 1900×2085

Mobile platform size (length × width) (mm) : 830×1200

Body size (length × width × height) (mm) : 7000×2300×2400

Floor height (mm) : 1500

Electric Aircaft Cateing Truck



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