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Half diesel Aircraft Ambulift safety device

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1. The force extractor (P.T.O) has not been removed, the body has not been lowered to the lowest level, the support has not been put away, and the car cannot be driven, otherwise, the engine of the transmission vehicle will stall.

2, in the operation, must first put the support in place, if not put the support, you can not lift the body.

3, in case of emergency, you can directly press the emergency stop switch on the operation panel (both main operation and upper operation) to stop.

4. The front end of the front platform is equipped with buffer rubber tubes and anti-collision switches to ensure safe docking with the passenger aircraft door.

5. When the anti-collision switch in front of the platform touches the aircraft, the platform will automatically stop rising and reaching forward;

6. The vehicle is equipped with two sets of emergency control devices, one set is a hydraulic hand pump, which is manually shaken. The other is an electrical control device equipped with an emergency electric pump to prevent the failure of the main power and other accidents.

7, the lifting of the box, the lifting of the leg are controlled by linkage switch to prevent the staff from misoperation resulting in accidents.

8, the design of emergency treatment measures, can be in the case of engine off, lower the body, fold the support, in order to make the vehicle exit the aircraft.

9, the lifting mechanism adopts hydraulic lock, safe and reliable;

10, when the body lifting, the warning light sound and light alarm;

11, when the hydraulic cylinder support foot is not fully recovered, there are warning lights in each operation control part, and the vehicle can not drive

13, in the parts that are easy to cause harm to personnel, there are eye-catching warning marks, and all hydraulic actuators have sound and light warnings when they operate.

14, equipped with astern sound and light alarm, and astern image in the cab

15. When the rear platform is not in use, the platform can be folded up, fixed at the back end of the body, and locked by the hydraulic lock, the lifting cylinder is also provided with a hydraulic lock, the rear platform and the support leg are provided with a limit switch, and the lifting mechanism is provided with a limit top rod.

16. When the force extractor is cut into the work, the cab instrument has instructions.

17, the front platform side is rotary, with stainless steel pull handrails, can effectively retreat the aircraft door

Half diesel Aircraft Ambulift



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