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How expensive is the aircraft tractor on the aircraft carrier?

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The aircraft carrier and its supporting equipment are a major sign to test a country's scientific research level and military capabilities. It can be imagined that their technical complexity and the cost of building a construction cost of up to one billion is enough to shock everyone. From the information we can know that the price of an aircraft tractor has exceeded 10 million. Perhaps many of us are not particularly clear why the cost is so high.

Looking back at the history of the development of aircraft carriers, we may get some inspiration. Since the operational space of the aircraft carrier's flight deck is quite small, the technical requirements for pilots can be said to be insignificant. Even if it has been successfully landed on the deck of the aircraft carrier, this process has not much to do with the end. It has to be said that it cannot be just that.

The emergence of aircraft tractors can drag the carrier aircraft to a designated area in a short period of time. This seemingly simple equipment can be said to play a significant role. There is limited operational area on the aircraft carrier deck, which must be used for aircraft towing. Aircraft carrier tractors are capable of providing relatively large torque for routine operation under conditions where external dimensions are relatively limited, which is a must.

Use special construction materials and engine technology to face high temperature, high heat and high salt working conditions. In fact, the demand is not high, and the construction of tractors with complex technology requires at least one billion yuan of research funding in the development process. And the finished product is just satisfied with the aircraft carrier. Some countries do not have the technical conditions to produce this equipment.

China and the United States have enough funds to pay for this cost. After all, this is not a particularly cheap expense. It can be said that this is a particularly huge expense. In addition to the supporting equipment of the tractor, the other facilities on the aircraft carrier are also due to the high technical threshold and the large construction cost.



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