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JSTY5080KTE Airport Passenger Stairs Product introduction

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JSTY5080KTE Airport Passenger Stairs is a new type of pure electric airport ground equipment designed and manufactured by Tianyi Joint-stock Company for passengers to get on and off planes. The platform of the passenger ladder car is equipped with an operating device, which can operate the ladder body Angle adjustment and platform expansion. In normal operation, the height of the tail ladder is 180mm from the ground, the handrails are made of stainless steel, and the whole machine is made of self-made electric drive chassis, frequency conversion stepless speed regulation. Main accessories are selected famous brand products, high reliability, advanced technical performance, complete functions. Pure electric energy saving performance is superior in line with the demand for green environmental protection; The product has beautiful appearance, wide lifting range, wide application range, simple, safe and advanced design can meet the current use of all domestic aircraft models.

apply to:A300、A310、A320、A330、A340、B737、B747、B757、B767 、B777 、C919 、



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