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JSTY5080KTE Passenger Boarding Ladder (Electric Type) Technical Specification

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Product Standard
IATA AHM 920 Motorised Passenger Boarding Ladder Functional Details
MH/T6029-2003 Civil Aviation Industry Standard of the People's Republic of China-Passenger Boarding Ladder Trucks
EN12312-1 Specific requirements for aviation ground equipment-1 Passenger boarding ladder
GB/T 18488-2006 Electric motors and their controllers for electric vehicles
GB/T 24347-2009 DC/DC converter for electric vehicles
GB/T 18384-2001 Safety requirements for electric vehicles
GB/T 18487-2001 Conductive charging system for electric vehicles
GB/T 20234-2015 Connection devices for conductive charging of electric vehicles
GB/T 27930-2011 Communication protocol between non-vehicle-mounted conductive charger and battery management system for electric vehicles
DB11/Z993-2013 Technical Specification for Electric Vehicle Remote Service and Management System
AC-137-CA-2015-20R1 General Technical Requirements for Electrically Powered Aircraft Ground Service Equipment
IATA AHM913 Basic Safety Requirements for Aviation Ground Equipment
AC-137-CA-2020-01 Technical Requirements for Safety of Aircraft Ground Service Equipment by Aircraft

Main Parameters
Lift height range of passenger elevator: 2400~5800mm
Platform size (L×W): 3300×2810mm
Step ladder size and quantity:
Sliding ladder (L×W×H): 285×1500×192mm, 12 steps;
Fixed ladder (L×W×H): 285×1500×192mm, 15 steps;
Maximum angle of inclination of ladder body: 38.5°.
Minimum ground clearance: 200 mm
Outer diameter of channel circle: 18200 mm
Wheelbase: 3400 mm
Front/rear wheelbase: 2000 mm
Overall dimensions (L×W×H): 7770mm×2400mm×3650mm
Vehicle mass: 6500kg
Rated load: (100 persons)
Load per step: 225kg (3 persons)
Front axle load: 3500kg (narrow platform), 3600 (wide platform)
Rear axle load: 3000kg (without canopy)
Maximum speed: 30km/h
Minimum stabilised speed: 0.5km/h
Range Small airports: 121km + 61 trips
Large airports: 124km + 60 trips
Medium-sized airports: 124km+62 times
Drive motor power: 60kw
Total voltage: 347.76V
Total energy storage capacity: Lithium iron phosphate battery pack, 60.16kwh
Temperature range: -35~65°C
Battery energy density: 157.18wh/kg



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