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JSTY5180JSPE Aviation Catering truck (Electric) Technical specification

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Product standard
No. Standard number Standard Name Standard type
1, GB/T18388 electric vehicle type test rules national standard
2, GB/T18387 electric vehicle electromagnetic field radiation intensity limits and measurement methods broadband 9kHz-30MHz national standard
3, GB1495 car accelerated driving outside noise limit and measurement method national standard
4, GB/T12547 automobile minimum stable speed test method national standard
5, GJB150.3 military equipment laboratory environmental test method national standard
Design, manufacture, testing, etc., of vehicle equipment using the latest and implemented standards and specifications suitable for the project, including:
Chinese national standards and Chinese industry standards (GB,GJB,MH, etc.); International authoritative organization standard (ISO, ICAO and IATA, IEC, EN, BS, DIN, SAE, etc.); China national fire standards, local fire department fire regulations; Chinese and local regulations on fuel use.

Aviation Catering truck (Electric) Parameter introduction
Vehicle length × width × height (mm) : 1620×2500×3780
Wheelbase (mm) : 5550
Wheel base front/rear (mm) : 1790/1840
Approach Angle (°) : 18.5
Channel circle Outer circle diameter (mm) : 20800
Departure Angle (°) : 10.5
Longitudinal passage Angle (°) : 8
Maintenance weight (kg) : 14350
Total mass (kg) : 19550
Maximum speed (km/h) : 80
Minimum stable speed (km/h) : 0.5
Driving range (km) : 435
Platform working height (mm) : 2550-6100
Minimum ground clearance (mm) : 160
Rated load (kg) : 5000
Rated load of front platform (kg) : 2000
Rated load of the moving part of the front platform (kg) : 600
Rated load of the fixed part of the front platform (kg) : 1400
Adjustment range of the moving part of the front platform (mm) : 0-700
Dimension of fixed part of front platform (L × W mm) : 1900×2265
Front platform moving part (telescopic adjustment range mm) : 0-600
Dimension of the moving part of the front platform (L × W) : 8300×1200
Interior dimensions (L × W × H mm) : 6750×2360×2200
External dimensions (L × W × H mm) : 7500×2500×2400
Temperature range (°) : -35-60
Assembly voltage V: 618.24
Total energy storage Kwh: 281.92
Rated power/speed kw/r/min: 100/1200
Insulation class: H
Protection level: IP67

JSTY5180JSPE Aviation Catering truck (Electric) Technical specification



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