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Jiangsu Tianyi Shares International Intelligent Network Car Competition Won Three Awards

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From June 20 to 24, the 2023 China (Zhengzhou) International Intelligent Connected Car Competition was successfully held in Zhengzhou, a transportation hub city in central China.

This competition is the largest in the field of intelligent networked vehicles, the most extensive technical coverage of the event, not only attracted Tsinghua University Vehicle and delivery School, Beijing Jiaotong University, Beijing Institute of Advanced Technology and other well-known universities to participate, SAIC, Yutong, Xiaopeng and other vehicle manufacturing enterprises and Baidu, Wenyuan, Neolithic and other technology enterprises also actively formed teams to participate.

Jiangsu Tianyi Aviation Industry Co., LTD., which has unique core competitiveness and strong influence in the intelligent driving industry, was invited by the organizing committee to take the stage as a representative of the civil aviation industry, which is also the first time for civil aviation automatic driving equipment to participate in the highway level automatic driving competition. Won the Intelligent algorithm Simulation Challenge (enterprise) few people apron group best algorithm award, real vehicle intelligent driving general scene automatic driving Challenge (commercial vehicle group) performance award, special application scene park logistics Challenge performance award three awards, the proud record has attracted high praise and wide attention from all circles in the industry and abroad.

Hosted by the People's Government of Henan Province and co-hosted by China Association of Automobile Manufacturers, German Association of Automobile Manufacturers and China Industrial Internet Research Institute, the competition strives to build a world-class intelligent connected car brand event and build an international exchange and cooperation platform integrating cutting-edge display, competition, exchange and discussion, and intelligent experience for the intelligent connected car industry. Boost the intelligent, network and platform development of China's automobile industry.

The opening ceremony of the competition (photo provided by Ling Weishan,

Tianyi is a national high-tech enterprise, a global leader in airport equipment manufacturing, and a comprehensive partner of Huawei Technologies Co., LTD., and was awarded the "Excellence Award of the 2022 National Disruptive Technology Competition" by the Torch Center of the Ministry of Science and Technology. As the head enterprise in the transformation of high-end civil aviation equipment to digital civil aviation, Tianyi Stock has deeply engaged in intelligent network technology research and development and product manufacturing, and has attracted wide attention in the overall solution of intelligent transportation in the apron area of "L4 unmanned equipment + vehicle and road cooperation + intelligent scheduling system". It provides high-quality development ideas in helping the construction of civil aviation four-type airports and promoting the digital transformation of civil aviation. The company has more than 200 invention patents, utility model patents, software Copyrights, and 9 PCT international patents, of which 62 have been authorized invention patents, accounting for 90% of the number of invention patents obtained in new business technology fields such as automatic driving and big data security supervision in the civil aviation industry.

Tianyi Stock participating vehicles and participating teams at the competition site ( send Ling Weishan for photo)

The goal of this event is to challenge the ability of intelligent connected vehicles at all levels, with the actual application scenario as the starting point, the use of full chain test system tools to carry out multidimensional testing challenges, covering various scenarios of intelligent connected vehicles, and putting forward the type of event to create "3+2+1", in which "3" is the intelligent driving ability competition event, combining real vehicles and simulation. Carry out hierarchical testing and evaluation of intelligent and networked vehicle functions and system algorithms for participating enterprises. "2" is a challenge event for two types of application scenarios to further improve and expand the ability to verify practical applications. "1" is a kind of comprehensive environmental practice event, which selects typical urban roads and expressways as open road test scenes. The actual experience is evaluated by subjective evaluation and objective evaluation. In the competition, the Tianyi team consisting of 10 team members, including Wang Wei as the leader, Liu Yulin, Guo Junchao and Shen Yingjian, took part in the small passenger ramp, logistics Park Challenge and autonomous commercial vehicle track with autonomous bulk cargo loading vehicle and autonomous aviation waste receiving vehicle respectively. Both vehicles support the dual mode of manual driving/unmanned driving. In addition to the basic autonomous vehicle following, intelligent overtaking and lane combination, lane keeping, obstacle avoidance, and emergency braking, it can also realize real-time detection and decision control of dynamic and static targets through the on-board intelligent perception system, and achieve L4 level unmanned driving with set routes. It fully demonstrates the application capabilities of Tianyi intelligent connected vehicles in specific scenarios such as airports for environmental perception technology, intelligent decision technology, drive-by-wire execution technology and artificial intelligence technology application technology.

Zhu Xichan, chief referee of the contest and director of the Institute of Automobile Safety Technology of Tongji University, communicates with Ma Haibing, chairman of Tianyi Shares at the match site (photo provided by Ling Weishan,

Before the opening ceremony, the organizers met with representatives of the China Automobile Industry Association, the "two Chambers" and the participants, Ma Haibing, chairman of Jiangsu Tianyi Aviation Industry Co., LTD., said, "As a representative of the civil aviation industry, we can participate in this international competition, which is a rare opportunity, but also the driving force to boost the high-quality development of enterprises, we will reflect the strength of national enterprises. Contribute wisdom and strength to the bright future of China's intelligent connected car driving field and civil aviation industry!"



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