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Small Airport Catering Truck WTJ5140JSP Technical Parameters

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Product standard
MH/T6016-2017 Aircraft Catering Truck
JG5099-1988 "Safety Rules for High-altitude Working Machinery"
GB7258-2004 "Motor Vehicle operation safety Technical Conditions"
AHM910 "Basic Requirements for Aviation Ground Equipment"
AHM913 Basic Safety Requirements for Aviation Ground Equipment
AHM927 Functional Specification for Aircraft Catering Truck

Aircraft Catering Truck WTJ5160JSP technical parameters

project Performance index
engine Model 4KH1CN5HS / 4HK1-TC51
gearbox Model MSB-5SM / MLD-6Q
Platform working height (mm) 2400-4600 / 2400-5800
Body load rating (kg) 1500 / 2000
Front platform load rating (kg) 1050 / 1200
Forward platform moving part load rating (kg) 450
Left and right adjustment range of moving part of front platform (mm) 0-300 / 0-6000
Telescopic adjustment range of movable part of front platform (mm) 0-500 / 0-6000
Dimension of fixed part of front platform (length × width) (mm) 1150×1800 / 2000 X 2290
Dimension of moving part of front platform (length × width) (mm) 730×1000 / 630 X 1200
Maintenance weight (kg) 7200  / 11000
Overall dimensions (length × width × height) (mm) 7160×2010×3300 / 9000 X 2460 X 3830
Other properties ——
chassis Model QL1070A5KAY  / QL1100A8PAY
Body external dimension (length × width × height) (mm) 5000×2010×2180 / 6500 X 2300 X 2300
Engine emission Exhaust pollutants meet the limit requirements of GB17691-2005 Ⅴ stage; Exhaust smoke meets the requirements of GB3847-2005
Front platform fixed part load rating (kg) 600

small Airport Catering truck WTJ5140JSP technical parameters



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