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TYPTL-14T Container Cargo Loader product introduction

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TYPTL-14T container cargo loader (internal combustion type) is mainly composed of chassis, main platform, bridge platform, control platform, lifting mechanism, hydraulic system, electrical system and other components. The bottom frame is rigid frame structure, the lifting and lowering device adopts shear fork support structure, and the lifting action is realized by hydraulic cylinder; The main platform and bridge platform are equipped with steel rollers, rubber rollers and universal casters, and hydraulic motors are driven to complete the transportation of containers/plates; The steering platform is on the right side of the bridge platform, the front drive wheel is driven by a hydraulic motor, equipped with braking and steering devices, and the engine is a DEUTZ AG TCD 2.9 L4 HT engine, which provides power for the vehicle to walk and work on its own. The lifting weight of the main platform is 15000KG, the lifting weight of the bridge platform is 14000KG, the maximum speed is 14km/h, and the transmission speed of the main platform and the bridge platform is 0.3m/s.

TYPTL-14T Container Cargo Loader product introduction



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