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WTJ5140JSP Aircraft Catering Truck (Diesel) What Is The Role of The Support Foot

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Aircraft Catering Truck (Diesel) is equipped with four support feet, each foot cylinder interface is installed with two-way lock valve. The hydraulic cylinder is used to support and shrink, and the support foot fixer is welded into the frame. When the supporting foot is supported, the bearing capacity of the vehicle chassis tire and leaf spring is reduced, and the supporting area of the vehicle is increased, which greatly improves the stability of the vehicle in the process of lifting or handling food. An indicator indicating the position of the foot brace is installed in the cab. If the foot brace is not put away, the vehicle cannot start. Only when the gearbox is in neutral, the legs and the carriage can operate normally; The interlock prevents the vehicle from moving when the bracing leg is not fully retracted or the power external PTO pump is not released. The support feet can ensure the safe work of the vehicle in the eight-level wind (20.7m/s), keep the car stable in the second-level wind (120km/h), and the rollover safety factor is greater than 3. There are two types of support foot types. The standard is H-type support foot, and the lateral expansion function of support foot can be optional according to customer requirements.

Aircraft Catering Truck (Diesel)



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