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WTJ5160JSP Airport catering truck vehicle specificity introduction background technology

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 With the process of industrialization, automation and intelligence in China's green development, higher requirements are put forward for the technical advancement and reliability of products.
In response to the call of the Civil Aviation Administration of "safe airport, smart airport, green airport", Tianyi Shares and a number of academician teams spent 2 years to develop a lightweight loading device and aviation Catering  truck (patent number: 201921164876.4). Under the premise of optimizing structural performance and function, the lightweight design, the use of new materials (high-strength steel BS960E Q) advanced technology, Qingling QL1180XQFRY (chassis approved total mass 18 tons, overload will cause serious damage to the vehicle, Qingling company will not claim for damage caused by overload), Tianyi Shares produced by the national test of the vehicle repair mass of 12.3 tons, the rated load of the body 5.5 tons, the total mass of the vehicle 17.8 tons, the industry's only chassis approved total mass is not overweight, and installed a safety alignment system products. At present, the product is the lightest in total weight, the largest carrying capacity, the best steering and braking performance, the lowest maintenance and operating costs, and the highest safety and reliability of aviation  Catering trucks in China and the Asia-Pacific region for three consecutive years.
The advancement of technological innovation is reflected in the following points:
1, lightweight structure: the selection of China Baosteel production to reach the international first-class technical level of high-strength steel BS960E Q, the type of high-strength steel has been widely used in large tonnage weight lifting machine power arm.
2, fork processing technology: the use of 8 meters long large bending machine, customized high-strength mold one-time molding. The use of isothermal voltage and current welding, to ensure the uniformity and strength of welding. The four lifting fork frames use boring technology to ensure the coaxiality and consistency of the rolling shaft to the greatest extent, effectively improve the wear resistance and stability of the lifting device, and extend the service life of the aviation Catering truck.
3. Car body: food-grade car plate, non-porous rivet riveting process, imported easy hairspray seal, bottom plate using customized 7 series corrosion resistant high-strength pattern aluminum plate, the whole car body bottom plate only one weld. It is fixed with underside bolts, and there is no process hole on the inner surface of the bottom plate. The whole car aluminum plate a weld, no bolt fixing hole, so that the dining car moves more smoothly, the body of the water resistance is better, more beautiful and durable.
4, painting: all steel structural components (except chassis) for electrophoresis, the use of imported car paint for spraying, a dedicated large paint room drying, so that the paint can be dried in a short time, paint color uniform, good hardness, more durable.
5. Hydraulic system:
The pumps and valves used in the hydraulic system are all imported products from Europe and the United States, with high reliability. Pre-installed carpet-type joint, high-precision seamless hard pipe, multi-layer steel wire hose, compressed air washing, all hydraulic parts in the dust-free workshop for inspection, pressure test and assembly, the system safety factor is high, more than 4 times the system working pressure, safe and reliable, long use time.
6. Electrical system:
The main electrical components are imported brands, printed circuit boards are used in the electrical box, interlocking devices are used between the lifting of the body and the repositioning of the support feet. When performing an action at the same time, the other three actions are invalid, and only when one action is completed can the second action be performed, thus ensuring the safety and reliability of the system




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