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What Are The Common Classification Methods For Loaders?

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Loaders are very common in life. They are widely used in the construction industry. They are easy to use and there are many types of loaders. Let me tell you about the classification of loaders. Commonly used single bucket loaders are classified according to engine power, transmission form, walking structure and loading mode.

1. Engine power: The power is less than 74kw for small loaders. The power is 74~147kw for medium loaders. The power is 147~515kw for large loaders. The power is greater than 515kw for extra large loaders.

2. Transmission form: hydraulic-mechanical transmission, small impact vibration, long life of transmission parts, easy to operate, automatic adjustment between vehicle speed and external load, generally used in medium and large loaders. Hydraulic transmission: It can be steplessly regulated and easy to operate, but its startability is poor. It is generally only used on small loaders. Electric drive: stepless speed regulation, reliable operation, simple maintenance, high cost, generally used on large loaders.

3. Walking structure: tire type: light weight, fast speed, flexible maneuverability, high efficiency, not easy to damage the road surface, large ground pressure, poor passability, but widely used. Track type: low grounding pressure, good passability, low center of gravity, good stability, strong adhesion, large traction, large cutting force, low speed, relatively poor flexibility, high cost, and easy to damage the road when walking.

4. Loading and unloading method: front unloading type: simple structure, reliable work, good vision, suitable for various working places, and widely used. Rotary type: The working device is installed on a turntable that can be rotated 360°. The side unloading does not need to be turned over, the work efficiency is high, but the structure is complicated, the quality is high, the cost is high, and the side stability is poor, which is suitable for a smaller venue. Rear unloading type: front end loading, rear end unloading, high work efficiency, and poor work safety.



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