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What are the functions of electric flatbed trucks?

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In order to maintain stability, electric flatbed trucks are not too fast in speed. At the same time, because the height of this product is much higher than the usual car, the demand for stability is higher. The height of a car is more than 2.2 meters, assuming that the speed is too fast, and it is very simple to form a rollover when turning or shaking.

From the point of view of the manufacturer, it is necessary to consider the hanging problem of the wheel. The outstanding hanging system can ensure the stability and comfort of the vehicle. From the user's point of view, after formal use, it is determined that the outside will store a large amount of ingredients. , cookware, etc. The weight of these should not be ignored. The weight of a domestic gas tank full load is 30 kg, plus the rice noodles, other equipment, these weights are not small.

There is also the need to make these devices strong and electric, and the function of the electric flatbed trucks can be used to make the trucks move more securely. When using the electric flatbed truck, be careful to use the ankle to assist in starting and climbing the slope to prevent excessive starting current and over-loading of the machine for a long time, causing overheating damage to the motor coil, battery and governor.



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