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What is the main structure of TY-KT58 boarding ladder

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TY-KT58 aircraft ladder is mainly composed of frame, engine, top assembly, platform, steering system, braking system, suspension system, hydraulic system, electrical system and safety devices.
1. Frame
The body structure is composed of rigid beams and welded steel transverse columns.
The main drive is mounted on a rigid girder in the middle, and the rear wheels are driven by a rigid shaft and a reducer.
Hydraulic power steering turns the front wheels.
Hydraulic brakes on all four wheels (front wheel brake, rear wheel drum brake, front and rear circuit independent)
Rear wheel parking brake controlled by cable.
The four vertical hydraulic cylinders are fixed with support plates and ball bearings to ensure the stability of the vehicle.
All operations (driving and control) are performed in the front cab, some functions can be performed on the platform, and the switch is located on the cab panel.
The bumper protects the front of the vehicle.
2. Engine
Equipped with a popular diesel internal combustion engine and automatic transmission, it ensures smooth driving at any speed, especially at low speeds.
3. Top assembly
The top assembly includes a fixed ladder assembly, a telescopic ladder assembly, a parallel frame assembly, a side plate and a double group, a single group, and a side roller.
Telescopic step, hydraulic cylinder positioning, providing step platform adjustment. The fixed steps are welded to the frame, so a precise final adjustment of the door height can be achieved by tilting them with a hydraulic cylinder. The telescopic step (movable) corresponding to the fixed step is securely secured by a ratchet device. The lock can only be lifted when the steps are lowered. The side body is used to support handrails and step lighting. The self-supporting aluminum alloy step has anti-slip function. Internal step nose for foot safety. The steps are wide enough for two people to pass

What is the main structure of TY-KT58 boarding ladder



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