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aircraft rubbish truck chassis, dumpster introduction

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The chassis assembly is the foundation of the whole vehicle, its beam, diagonal support beam and foot support bracket are welded by rectangular steel pipe and bending box-shaped parts, and fixed on the chassis with U bolts, and the four fixed straight feet are connected with the foot support beam with bolts respectively.             The garbage compartment is composed of skeleton, skin, lid and door, with an effective volume of 20m⊃3;.  

Sewage tank is used to collect sewage from garbage, its volume is 100L, placed in the rear of the frame, connected with the box through the pipe, there is a 2" drain valve at the lower end of the sewage tank, used for discharging sewage.

Main parameters of aircraft rubbish truck

Overall length mm: 7895

Overall width mm : 2340

Overall height mm : 3300

Wheelbase mm : 3815

Wheelbase (front/rear) mm : 1685/1525

Front overhang mm : 1100

Rear overhang mm : 2340

Front extension mm : 643

Approach angle (°): 21

Departure angle (°): 13

Longitudinal passing angle (°): 16.5

Minimum ground clearance mm: 185

Outer diameter of passage circle mm: 16800

Total mass kg: 6200

Gross mass kg: 8150

Trash compartment volume m3: 18

Maximum tilt angle °: 35

Table lifting height mm: 2400~5800

Maximum speed km/h: 80

Allowable loaded garbage mass kg:1750

Temperature range ℃: -35~65

Chassis Model: QL1070BEVECHA2Y

Range km:290

 aircraft rubbish truck chassis, dumpster introduction



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