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2.4-5.8m Self-made Electric Passenger Stairs

JSTY5080KTE aircraft passenger step is mainly composed of electrically driven chassis, fixed and sliding ladders, hydraulic system, electrical system, etc.
Product Description

JSTY5080KTE aircraft passenger step is mainly composed of electrically driven chassis, fixed and sliding ladders, hydraulic system, electrical system, etc.

4.1 chassis

Chassis body by special steel welded together, center of gravity, good stability. The chassis is covered with a cover plate, which can be removed to facilitate maintenance of the parts. The chassis is equipped with four hydraulic stabilizers to ensure the stability of the passenger step when boarding. The chassis consists of transmission, steering, braking and cab.

The drive system USES the motor controller to control the variable frequency speed-regulating traction motor as the prime power, and transfers power through the reduction box, drive shaft, main reduction drive axle, rim and tire. Motor controller and traction motor using the industry's most influential top products; The gearbox is manufactured by Siemens. Suspension for front and rear longitudinal plate spring, and equipped with hydraulic cylinder type shock absorber.

The steering system controls the front wheel steering by driving the steering cylinder with the electric hydraulic pump through the full hydraulic steering device (Eaton or other famous brand products).

Brake system is electric vacuum pump to provide vacuum assisted braking, front and rear drum type, double pipeline hydraulic braking system.

The large area arc windshield is adopted in the cab, which can broaden the vision and facilitate the observation of docking with the aircraft. The overall shape is beautiful and generous. Equipped with heating and cooling air conditioners for electric vehicles (electric scroll compressor, PTC heating)。

4.2 Fixed ladder and sliding ladder

The rear end of the fixed ladder is connected to the chassis through the rotating shaft, and the front end is connected to the chassis through the lifting mechanism. The Angle between the ladder body and the level can be adjusted by stretching the lifting mechanism. The sliding ladder is composed of a fixed platform, a front telescopic platform, a side board and a ladder. It is connected with the fixed ladder through pulley, and the liquid cylinder telescopic drives the sliding ladder to slide along the guide rail to realize the change in the height of the platform。

In order to increase the strength of the structure and consider the particularity of the structure, channel steel is used as the main frame。

The footplate and platform are made of special anti-slip aluminum alloy profiles。

The side plate adopts the frame structure of new aluminum and plastic plate, which is novel and beautiful, greatly reducing the weight of the structure under the condition of guaranteeing the strength and stiffness of the structure. Stainless steel handrails are installed on the upper side plate。

The front end of the platform and the front end of the movable side of the platform are installed with buffer rubber cylinder。

High brightness, energy saving, reliable LED soft light bar to provide lighting。

4.3 hydraulic system

The hydraulic system is composed of motor driven hydraulic pump, each executive cylinder, hydraulic control valve group and hydraulic accessories。

The hydraulic valve is imported from Italy and Germany. The pipeline adopts EATON bayonet type pipe joint and steel pipe。

4.4 Electrical system

The electrical system consists of traction and working motors, motor controllers, DC/DC converters, touch screens, ECU, limit detection switches, various lighting indicators, warning lights, power batteries and auxiliary batteries。

The ECU program is used to calculate the height value CAN bus and transfer it to the touch screen for display. When the whole electrical system is cut off or disturbed, the system will reset and the height display value will not change. The height of the platform CAN be adjusted manually or automatically by setting the platform height value。

The vehicle is equipped with beidou on-board terminal, which can realize wireless docking and real-time data exchange with the vehicle operation monitoring and management system. With vehicle positioning function, it can send real-time vehicle position, speed, vehicle battery working status information (including battery voltage, battery, temperature, abnormal condition, etc.); It can send the main technical parameters and maintenance information of the vehicle in real time, including the status of the driving motor, tire pressure, vehicle critical fault warning information, vehicle maintenance reminder, etc. Can receive the vehicle operation monitoring management system platform issued by the information and instructions, such as over speed, out of bounds, maintenance reminder;  

1          Safety protection and emergency measures

There is an indication of the working status of the outrigger in the driver's room to prevent the vehicle from moving when the outrigger is lowered or not fully retracted;

It is equipped with a transition switch and status indication to realize the switch and interlock between the operation and the operation;

With hand brake protection; Resistance to wind load meets the standard requirements;

The lift and expansion of the ladder body are equipped with hydraulic lock and mechanical lock mechanism to provide double safety protection.

The front of the platform is equipped with anti-collision switch, pressure limiting device and rubber protection measures to prevent the platform from hitting the airframe. When the front end of the platform is at a certain distance from the airframe (the distance can be set between 0 and 1200mm), the system limits the change of platform height. When the platform extends 20mm forward from the hatch, the system restricts the platform to move forward. The pressure limiting device limits the maximum forward extension of the platform

When the electrical system fails, the emergency action of the hydraulic actuator can be realized by adjusting the emergency rotation of the solenoid valve。

When the hydraulic pump fails to work (motor failure or gear oil pump failure), the standby emergency pump or manual pump can be used for oil supply to complete the retraction of support feet and the operation of each working device to ensure timely evacuation of passenger ladder from the aircraft。

2          options

6. optional semi-enclosed or fully enclosed canopy.

6.2 on-board charger



Lifting height range                      2400~5900mm

Size of platform(length×width):             1820×1880mm

Ladder step and steps:

Sliding ladder(length×width×height):        285×1500×192mm,12class;

Fixed ladder(length×width×height):           285×1500×192mm,15class;

Horizontal Angle:                          33°~39°

minimum ground clearance                    180 mm

min. turning radius                   18200 mm(narrow platform)、18800 mm(Wide platform)

wheelbase                                    3400 mm

front/rear wheel                                2000 mm   

overall dimension(length×width×height):              7770mm×2400mm×3650mm、7770mm×2400mm×3650mm

curb weight                              8200kg(narrow platform),8600kg(Wide platform)

approach angle                             no less than 14°

departure angle                            no less than 4.5°

Effective rated load                       7500kg(100persons)

Load per step                              225kg(3 persons)

Platform load                             1200kg(16 persons)

front axle load                           4200kg(narrow platform),4600((Wide platform)   

Rear axle load                                4000kg(without canopy)

maximum speed                                 27.5km/h

lowest stabilized speed                       Less than 2.5km/h

Max Climb Capability                                  no less than 10%

specs of wheels                             215/75R17.5

    cruising power                          75km+39


First charge time(h)                         4-6

power of traction motor(kW)                    22

Main supply voltage(V)                      80VDC

Auxiliary Voltage(V)                         24VDC

battery pack:           Lithium iron phosphate battery pack,46.6kwh

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