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Airport belt loader-intelligent monitoring (optional)

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Airport belt loader-intelligent monitoring (optional)

Each vehicle is equipped with a set of local in-vehicle video monitoring system, which consists of integrated video recording equipment, camera, and storage equipment; through the cameras installed inside and outside the vehicle, it realizes real-time monitoring of the conditions inside and outside the vehicle. Vehicle monitoring is docked with the owner's Vehicle Management System (VMS), which takes the initiative to push the information on the location, vehicle condition, driver, and running track to the background of the VMS in a timely manner.

360 ° panoramic surround view system, so that drivers can clearly check whether there are obstacles around the vehicle and understand the relative orientation and distance of the obstacles, to help drivers easily park their vehicles, effectively reducing the occurrence of accidents such as scuffing, collision, and fall.

Airport belt loader-Advantages

a. The baggage loader adopts lightweight design (500 kg lighter than traditional vehicles), which is more energy-saving and runs more stably;

b. p Charging is completed in 1.5 hours;

c, CAN digital network communication, real-time monitoring of vehicle dynamic characteristics;

d, p Customized development of integrated controller, so that the control system is more stable, reliable and convenient for maintenance;

e, customized development of display instrumentation main interface displays the vehicle status, speed, speed, power, voltage, temperature, etc., within the functional interface to display its auxiliary information, fault codes, detailed parameters of the entire vehicle.

f. Equipped with electric emergency and manual emergency device, once the motor failure, timely collection of the legs to ensure that the vehicle timely withdrawal from the aircraft;

Airport belt loader-intelligent monitoring (optional)



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