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Airport Refrigerated Trucks

Refrigerator truck is mainly consists of chassis,heat insulation box body,refrigeration unit,temperature recorders in the carriage.For special purpose,optional parts including meat hook,aluminum alloy rail,ventilation channel etc.According to the different chassis model, we have mini type,middle-sized,large-scale etc refrigerator trucks for your choice with different brands.
Product Description
No. Name   of project Performance index Note
1 Type   of chassis ISUZU QL11009PARY
2 Type   of engine ISUZU4HK1-TCG40
3 Engine   emission GB   17691-2005 China IV, GB3847-2005
4 Type   of transmission ISUZU   MLD-6Q
5 Height   of platform         mm 2200~5800 ——
6 Loading   of van body   kg 2500 ——
7 Adjustment   range of  mobile platform     mm 0~600 ——
8 Adjustment   range of extensible platform     mm 0~500 ——
9 Size   of fixed platform ---mm 1200×2280 ——
10 Size   of mobile platform 900×1300 ——
11 Size   of van body   mm 6350×2200×2100
12 Loading   of fixed platform    kg 1200 ——
13 Loading   of movable platform    kg 600 ——
14 Overall dimension mm 8990×2460×3770 ——
15 Curb   weight    kg 11250 ——

The refrigerated truck is the closed van truck that is used to transport the frozen or fresh goods. This truck is made up of vehicle chassis, insulation box, refrigeration unit and temperature recorder, etc. It is used for short-distance transportation in major supermarkets, vegetable markets, and stores in the city. According to customer requirements, it is converted into refrigerated trucks, insulated vehicles, refrigerated trucks, etc. for various purposes such as transportation of medicines (medical vaccine transport vehicles), vegetables, fruits, fresh meats, frozen meats, seafood, and chickens.

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