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Aircraft Lavatory Truck

JSTY5060GWSE aircraft lavatory truck is a new type of airfield special vehicle which collects sewage and refills water for aircraft. Design for the rear lifting platform, large capacity cleaning, sewage tank, motor driven vacuum pump suction system (optional) and motor driven stainless steel acid resistant pump, vacuum pump suction system can be efficient and convenient to provide aircraft sewage tank suction services, motor driven stainless steel pump for aircraft sewage tank and sewage tank to provide cleaning function. The chassis cab of the product is flat head, single row seat, two-door type, occupant 2 people; The driving type is 4×2, the volume of the clean water tank is 1.4m³, the volume of the sewage tank is 2.48m³, the effective volume of the circulating water tank is 0.12m³, and the water supply flow is 130L/min.
Product Description

Model:aircraft lavatory truck

Product standard
1) MH/T6014-2014 "Aircraft Sewage Truck"
2) AC-137-CA-2015-19 "Aircraft Sewage Truck Test Specification"
3)AC-137-CA-2015-20R1 General Technical Requirements for Ground Service Equipment of Electric Aircraft

Main performance indicators:

Serial name parameter name Model number
1 Vehicle size (mm) 6965*2100*2250 chassis QL1070BEVECHA2Y
2 Lifting height range of working platform (mm) 400~3000 Chassis vehicle controller VCU02
3 Clean water tank volume L 1600 Driving motor YTD060W23
4 Sewage tank volume L 3480 Drive motor controller KTZ50X35S
5 Circulation tank volume L 200 Energy storage assembly L173TB2
6 Water supply pressure MPA 0.25~0.35 Energy storage unit CB220
7 Clean water flow L/min 220 Steering shaft F033
8 Wheelbase (mm) 3815 Drive shaft R048
9 Wheel base front/rear (mm) 1685/1525 tyre 7.00R16 14PR
10 Channel circle outer circle diameter (mm) 16500 Tank body JSTY5060GQSE-0200000-01
11 Departure Angle (°) 10 Motor pump controller HCDMC005VT3
12 Approach Angle (°) 21 Water pump DL12-60
13 Longitudinal passage Angle (°) 15 Clear water connection for sewage truck A-5
14 Maximum speed Km/h 80 Sewage joint A-7
15 Total vehicle mass (kg) 4750 Sewage pipe A-9
16 Minimum ground clearance (mm) 185 Lift cylinder GTWY350-2.8
17 Equipped with vacuum pump, vacuum bar 0.2 Power unit DLDY-1.0/0.8-3
18 Applicable temperature ℃ -35-65 Monitoring system D5804
19 Rated power of driving motor KW/r/min 60/1850 360° panoramic view system YG-SVMS-3D(I.MX6)
20 Battery capacity kwh 106.95 Electromagnetic main power switch DK238 12V
21 Range km 312 relay RH4B-UL
22 Assembly voltage V 618.24 Toggle switch 1NT-3
23 Total energy stored Kwh 106.95 Relay socket DTF14A
24 species Ningde era lithium iron phosphate sensor UGT521
25 Water tank cleaning material/thickness mm 316L/5 Alarm light FL4871
26 Minimum stable speed Km/h 0.8 Emergency switch YW1B-V4E11R

Touch switch CWLNJ

Indicator light AL6M

Travel switch XCMD2145L1

flowmeter LWGY

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