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Conveyor Belt Loader

IATA AHM 925 Functional Description of Power-Driven Conveyor Belt Loader IATA AHM 913 Basic Safety Requirements for Airport Ground Support Equipment IATA AHM 910 Basic Safety Requirements for Airport Ground Support Equipment
Product Description

Technical Specifications for TY-XC80 Self-Propelled

Conveyor-Belt Loader

1. Product Name: Self-Propelled Conveyor-Belt Loader

2. Product Model: TY-XC80

3. Product Introduction:

TY-XC80 self-propelled conveyor-belt loader is a new luggage transporter designed and manufactured by Jiangsu Tianyi Aviation Industy Co., Ltd. Its chassis is self-made. The product is advanced and concise in product design, safe, reliable, reasonable in structural design, safe and convenient in operation, advanced in process, beautiful in appearance, highly reliable and easy to maintain. It can provide safe and efficient luggage conveying operation for all aircraft types.

Excellent Features:

High loading capacity of front axle (3 tons), remarkable grade-ability, superior low-speed stability (when interfacing with an aircraft).

4. Product Standard:

IATA AHM 925 Functional Description of Power-Driven Conveyor Belt Loader IATA AHM 913 Basic Safety Requirements for Airport Ground Support Equipment IATA AHM 910 Basic Safety Requirements for Airport Ground Support Equipment

5. Major Performance and Technical Parameters

Height Range of Conveyor Belts Front End (mm)


Height Range of Conveyor Belts Rear End (mm)


Width of Conveyor Belt (mm)


Maximum Uniform Load of Conveyor Belt (kg/m)


Maximum Mass of Single Cargo (kg)


Maximum Inclination of Conveyor Belt


Conveying Speed of Conveyor Belt (m/s)

0.25-0.5 m/s

Maximum Travel Speed (km/h)


Minimum Steady Travel Speed (km/h)


Wheelbase (mm)


Minimum Turning Radius (mm)


Ground Clearance (mm)


Approach Angle


Departure Angle


L*W*H (mm)


Vehicle Curb Weight (kg)


6. Major Structure and Configuration

TY-XC80 self-propelled conveyor-belt loader primarily consists of body, conveying rack, chassis power drive system, front and rear lifting mechanisms, hydraulic operating system, electrical system and other components.

6.1 Body

Its body is made by welding 4.0 thick high-quality steel plates. The product has the following features: reasonable arrangement, welding as a whole and lower body center of gravity, good stability. An enclosed cab can be installed. It also has wide field of vision.

6.2 Conveying Rack

The conveyor belt support primarily consists of main frame, load-bearing roller, stainless steel slide block, drive roller, driven roller, adjusting roller, and drive motor. The control switch and emergency stop switch are installed respectively at the front and rear ends. The drive motor drives the belt through the drive roller to load up or unload down. The driven roller and the adjusting roller can be used to adjust the belts tension, deflection and deviation. The conveying rack is intended to increase the structural strength. The main frame uses channel beam structure. Buffer rubber blocks are mounted respectively onto the conveying racks front and rear ends.

Made of seamless steel pipe, the load bearing roller is durable. A variable cross-section structure is adopted for drive and driven rollers, thereby eliminating the conveyor belts deviation factors and making it easy to adjust.

100mm high deflector gates are installed respectively at both sides of conveyor belt to prevent luggage from slipping out of the conveying rack; both the left and right gates are movable and below the conveying surface when put down.

6.3 Front and Rear Lifting Mechanisms

Both the front and rear lifting mechanisms are propped up by a single cylinder, and can adjust the height of the conveyor belt supports front and rear ends respectively. You can install an adjustable throttle valve and control the lifting speed to ensure smooth lifting. Its lifting can only be controlled by the cab. The lifting mechanism hydraulic system is fitted with an electromagnetic ball valve to prevent the conveying rack from sliding when the hydraulic system fails. The conveying mechanism is fitted with a mechanical protection latch to prevent cylinders from leaking and the conveying rack from lowering down.

6.4 Chassis Power Drive System

A self-made chassis with hydraulic transmission drive system; the engine is directly connected with the hydraulic transmission and transmits the power to the wheels via drive shafts and rear axles to realize step-less speed change.

Engine: Genuine Perkins diesel engine 404D-22 (Euro from Britain

Type: Four-cylinder, water-cooled, in-line

Power: 35.7KW/2600rpm

Maximum Torque: 143Nm/1800rpm

Generator: 12V, 65A

Transmission: Graziano transmission, model PST2, 2 forward gear positions and 1 reverse gear position

Steering System: Hydraulic steering gear from Zhenjiang

Brake System: Front-disc, rear-drum dual-line brake system, hand brakes

Front Axle: A steering axle with disc service brake

Rear Axle: A drive axle with drum service and parking brakes

Engine and Transmission Options: Isuzu C240 engine + Japanese transmission

6.5 Hydraulic Operating System

The hydraulic operating system consists of hydraulic pump, cycloid motor, front and rear lifting cylinders, hydraulic valve, oil piping and other components. When installing a front outrigger, the emergency hand operated pump installed in the product can retract the outrigger in an emergency manner when the engine fails to run normally or the power fails, so that the self-propelled conveyor-belt loader can be evacuated from the airplane timely.

Solenoid valve blocks are sourced from international brands.

Imported balance valves are installed in the conveying system to prevent bulky cargoes from being unloaded too fast and causing danger.

Hydraulic pipe fittings are joints and seamless galvanized steel pipes sourced from domestically renowned brands.

The volume of hydraulic oil tank is 70L.

6.6 Electrical System and Safety Device

The electrical control system includes travel signal and control, engine electrical, conveyor belt lifting and travel control. The products electrical control circuit is controlled via relays; it is neat in circuit layout and reliable;

An engine tachometer and hour-meter, fuel level gauge, high engine coolant temperature indicator, turn indicator, parking indicator, low oil pressure indicator, outrigger retracted-in-place indicator, emergency stop button, lifting switches for conveying racks front and rear ends, engine start switch and lighting switches are mounted in the instrument panel.

The system voltage is DC 12V.

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