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Main introduction of Flight Catering Hi Lift chassis

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Flight Catering Hi Lift adopts Qingling QL1180XQFRY chassis. It is equipped with overhead camshaft, 6HK1-TCL water-cooled in-line direct injection 4-stroke diesel engine, with emission up to national V, integral cycle ball steering mechanism (with power steering), hydraulic double circuit pedal brake for starting, 24V DC electric system. The cab is equipped with cold and warm air conditioning, hydraulic booster, AM/FM radio, and luxury interior lights. Vehicle seats are installed with seat covers (human leather, environmental protection, darker, easy to clean), and the cab is fitted with environmental protection floor rubber; the ashtray is cancelled in the cab. Or the ashtray on the left and right doors in the cab with stainless steel sheet closed; cab within the left and right locker with stainless steel sheet closed; cab glass in the middle position with stainless steel sheet closed.

The cab is a three-seater, flush, high-strength, reversible. (See attached test report)

The cab seats are reinstalled with leather seat covers, environmental protection floor rubber, at the ashtray, left and right sundry cabinets, and the middle position is closed with stainless steel.

Optional low-temperature starting device to meet the ambient temperature of -40 ° above the region to use (fuel heating device).

Fuel heating adopts coarse filtration, and the heater is placed in the fine filter pipeline, and the system automatically adjusts when the heating temperature reaches a certain set value.

Flight Catering Hi Lift Main Parameters

Dimensions of the whole vehicle (L×W×H) mm : 10400×2500×3700 (3800 canopy)

Compartment internal dimensions (L×W×H) mm :7350×2360×2200

External dimensions of the compartment (L×W×H) mm :7500×2500×2400

Rated power kW/r/min 175/2400

Overall mass kg 13280

Platform working height mm 2600~6200

Rated load capacity of carriage kg 6200

Rated load capacity of front platform kg:2500

Rated load of movable part of front platform kg: 700

Rated load of fixed part of front platform kg: 1800

Fixed platform size (L×W) mm: 1900×2265

Adjustment range of platform expansion and contraction mm: 0~600

Mobile platform size (L×W) mm :950×1200

Maximum torque N-m/r/min :850/1400

Flight Catering Hi Lift



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