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Catering trucks Boxes

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Catering trucks box to meet the international health standards, the use of national standard compartments bottom frame, 8 # channel steel encryption welding, better load-bearing; bottom frame overall pickling phosphating, electrophoresis, 20 years of rust and corrosion; the overall structure of the compartment after a special anticorrosion and anti-rust treatment.

Catering trucks are equipped with two anti-collision strips on each side, standard catering truck belt, 316 stainless steel thickened buckles, 6mm stainless steel plate buried inside the compartment, fixed buckles to ensure that the buckles are fixed for a long time to ensure that the catering truck belt and the catering truck will not be loose, disengagement.

The front and back doors of the compartment are heat-insulated sliding doors, and 6 embedded LED white lights are installed inside the compartment, projecting no more than 3mm, each with a power of >50w, and the compartment is lined with non-slip patterned aluminum plate with a thickness of 6mm (excluding the pattern), the side panels with a thickness of 70mm, and the top panel with a thickness of 105mm, which is conducive to keeping the internal working temperature of 5-10℃.

Catering trucks Boxes



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