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Diesel Passenger Stairs safety collision protection system

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The left and right ends of the buffer rubber tube at the front end of the platform are installed with proximity switches and 300mm distance alarm photoelectric system. Once near the aircraft or obstacles, it can automatically alarm and automatically cut off the platform expansion control circuit to avoid platform collision with the aircraft.

Diesel Passenger Stairs parameters

Overall dimensions (length × width × height) :7825×2500×3830mm

Height range of passenger elevator :2400 ~ 5800mm

Upper platform size: 2800×1500

Step size: 310mm×1500mm×180mm

Activity platform travel: 0-300mm

Maximum Angle between ladder body and level: 39.5°

Minimum ground clearance: 190mm

Channel circle outer circle diameter: 17500mm

Front/rear wheel base: 1680/1650mm

Maintenance weight :8150KG

Capacity: 100 people

Front axle bearing mass :3030kg

Rear axle bearing mass :5120kg

Number of steps up: 13

Number of steps down :15

Engine type: supercharged intercooled electronically controlled common rail, four cylinder direct injection

Rated power/speed: 141/2600 kW/r/min

Maximum torque/speed: 513/1600 N.m/r/min

Transmission: Automatic, forward six, back one

Diesel Passenger Stairs



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