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Diesel Self Propelled Passenger Step Ladder performance close-up

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Diesel Self Propelled Passenger Step Ladder adopts Qingling Class II chassis, Baosteel 960 high-strength steel as the ladder body, shrink type double ladder design, the width of the ladder body is 1.5m, the maximum Angle of the ladder body is 39.5°, and the maximum carrying capacity of the passenger step ladder is 64 people. The lifting range is designed to be 2.40m-5.8m, the sheet metal parts of the vehicle all use electrophoretic paint technology, and the chassis is sprayed with armor, which meets the ICAO-airport service standards. TY-ASD safety relying system obtained the national invention patent, equipped with reversing image, driving recorder, optional 360 circumnavigation system. Select well-known brand solenoid valve, pipeline, joint, hydraulic lock, etc., well-known brand relay, button; Travel switch; Sensors, etc., endurance mileage is 270Km, endurance: large airport 190km+94 times, medium-sized airport 190km+94 times, small airport 187km+95 times

Diesel Self Propelled Passenger Step Ladder Technical parameters

Overall dimensions (length × width × height) : 7825×2500×3830mm

Height range of passenger elevator: 2400 ~ 5800mm

Upper platform size: 2800×1500

Step size: 310mm×1500mm×180mm

Activity platform travel: 0-300mm

Maximum Angle between ladder body and level: 39.5°

Minimum ground clearance: 190mm

Channel circle outer circle diameter: 17500mm

Maintenance weight: 8150KG

Capacity: 100 people

Front axle bearing mass: 3030kg

Rear axle bearing mass: 5120kg

Maximum speed: 80

Minimum stable speed: 4.3

Number of steps up: 13

Number of steps down: 15

Wheelbase: 3815mm

Engine type: supercharged intercooled electronically controlled common rail, four cylinder direct injection

Rated power/speed: 103/2400 kW/r/min

Maximum torque/speed: 520/1600 N.m/r/min

Transmission: Automatic, forward six, back one

Diesel Self Propelled Passenger Step Ladder



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