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Electric Aircaft Cateing Truck system principle introduction

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Electric Aircaft Cateing Truck including power system, power supply quick change system, five one integrated control system, chassis system, electric control system and control system

1. Power system

Using Tianyi's self-developed motor direct drive scheme, the peak torque and peak power of the motor are 2800NM and 200kW respectively, and the maximum speed is 3000rpm. Combined with the drive axle main reducer with a reduction ratio of 5.571, it fully meets the power needs.

2, battery quick change system

The battery system consists of 8 sets of batteries independently developed by Tianyi and manufactured by Ningde Times. The battery system is arranged on both sides of the longitudinal beam of the frame according to the two-layer design, with a total power of 282kWh.

The battery pack adopts an integrated charging scheme, and a quick release handle is designed to realize the fast charging scheme of the battery. If the quick release handle is replaced with a quick change electromagnet, it can be changed to a quick change mode, and a set of batteries can be replaced in 10 minutes.

3. Five-in-one integrated control system

The five-in-one high-voltage integrated control system independently developed by Tianyi is used to integrate the power adaptation of multiple component systems into the same controller, centralized cooling and management, and easy to arrange the vehicle. At the same time, it has the power supply function of DC-AC, DC-DC, oil pump, air pump, air conditioner, etc. The voltage platform of the vehicle high voltage system is 615V, the high voltage plug-in has the function of anti-error insertion, the DC-DC module and the top air conditioner have their own pre-charging road, and the intellectual property rights are fully owned.

4. Chassis system

The design of chassis system mainly includes braking system, steering system, cooling system and cab air conditioning system.

The braking system adopts the air compressor and drying tank independently developed by Tianyi. The steering system retains the original steering gear of Qingling frame and adopts the newly developed steering pump drive motor. Cooling system includes fan and water tank. The cab air conditioning system uses a well-known brand of motor air conditioning, cooling capacity of 8000W per hour.

5, electronic control system

The vehicle adopts three CAN channels to form the key communication network of the electric aviation food truck, which are respectively used for the communication of the power system, body information and charging system. The extended frame format based on Intel is adopted, and the communication rate is 250kbps. Vehicle Control Unit (VCU) mainly realizes the management of vehicle communication data, the coordination between different systems, to ensure the safe and reliable operation of the vehicle and improve the driving comfort of the vehicle, including the specific functions of torque analysis, fault diagnosis, high voltage energy management, etc.

6. Install the system

On the basis of inheriting all the advantages of traditional cars, it has made greater optimization. For example, the minimum lifting height of the platform can be 2550mm, and the box load can be 5000kg.

Technical parameter

Total vehicle mass (kg) : 14350

Vehicle load (kg) : 5000

Platform lifting height range (mm) : 2550-6100

Overall dimensions (length × width × height,mm) : 10620×2500×3780

Overall dimensions (length × width × height,mm) : 7500x2500x2400

Maximum vehicle speed (km/h) : 80.3

Minimum stable vehicle speed (km/h) : 3

Maximum power saving speed (km/h) : 45

Platform load (kg) : 2000

Heavy driving range (km) : 435

Full battery charge (°) : 282

240kW charging pile maximum filling time (h) : 1.167

Recommended 90kW charging pile filling time (h) : 3.11

Spare batteries and charging piles: 1 set of batteries and 1 90kw charging pile for every 5 vehicles

Battery quick change time (min) : 10

Big data platform port: Yes

Automatic fire extinguishing device: Yes

Electric Aircaft Cateing Truck system principle introduction



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