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Electric Baggage Tow Tractor Fence Features

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Cargo guardrail is set on both sides of the conveyor, total length of the guardrail is 6000mm, front distance is 500mm, back distance is 1500mm, height is 1100mm, the guardrail is made of 316 stainless steel brushed, laser welded, easy to dismantle, the guardrail has a fixed pin, easy to put and put, safe and reliable, beautiful appearance, and ensure that the life-long not rusting.

Electric Baggage Tow Tractor Technical Parameters

Length×Width×Height(mm): 8200×2150×1920

Wheelbase (m m): 2900

Wheelbase front/rear(mm): 1730/1680

Outer diameter of channel circle(mm): 15400

Departure angle (°): 31

Approach angle(°): 10.5

Longitudinal passing angle(°): 20

Overall mass (kg): 3500

Minimum Ground Clearance(mm): 170

Maximum speed(km/h): 35

Driving range km: 316

Carrying capacity of conveyor belt(kg/m): 135

Lifting range of front end of conveyor belt: 1160-4380mm

Conveyor belt rear lifting range mm : 380-1560

Conveyor width mm :700

Conveyor speed m/s :0.16-0.5

Temperature range (°): -35-65

Total voltage V :309.12

Total energy storage capacity Kwh :70.48

Rated power/speed kw/r/min: 30/3000

Electric Baggage Tow Tractor Fence Features



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