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Electric Baggage Tow Tractor Civil Aviation Vehicle Network Safety Supervision

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Electric Baggage Tow Tractor is a special equipment which is connected to the cargo flatbed truck through the traction bar and relies on the driving force generated by the electric drive system of the body to drive and tow the mobile cargo flatbed truck. The driving type is rear drive, and the braking type is front disc and rear drum. The whole vehicle layout type is closed, rear-mounted cab (optional front-mounted), front and rear windshields can be opened, with a crew of 2, maximum speed of 30km/h, maximum traction force of 35kN, rated hauling weight of 35,500kg, and driving range of 360km on a single charge.

Real-time supervision and recording of equipment through 182 data collection points of motor system, battery system, electronic control system, hydraulic system, brake system, and up-loading system.

Through video, infrared, somatosensory and other bio-indicator monitoring equipment, it can supervise drivers' behaviour such as changing duty and leaving work, fatigue driving, abnormal driving, answering phone calls, smoking and entertainment, and so on.

Monitor the service capacity of charging stations by collecting charging equipment operating data, generating relevant records and data, and summarising, analysing and checking them.

Electric Baggage Tow Tractor Main Parameters

Vehicle length×width×height(mm):3130*1440*1980

Overall quality (kg):3740

Maximum traction force (KN):35

Total energy storage capacity Kwh:70.48kwh

Minimum Ground Clearance(mm):146

Front axle loading mass (unloaded) kg: 1980

Rear axle load capacity (unloaded) kg: 1760

Rated towing weight KG: 35500

Rated voltage of drive motor: 309VDC

Rated speed of drive motor rpm: 1500

Electric Baggage Tow Tractor



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