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Electric baggage tractor battery system main performance introduction

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Electric luggage tractor main overall steel structure, streamlined shape, beautiful appearance, generous, suitable for traction, push operation.

The steering wheel with adjustable front and rear Angle, the seat can be adjusted up, down, front and back, and the operator can choose the best driving position.

The cab has a unique arch design, beautiful appearance and strong strength. Unique observation channel, you can see the traction bolt at a glance, ergonomic control room design, front and rear hood design is simple and generous, easy to check and maintenance.

It is composed of excellent brand lithium iron phosphate battery, low voltage control system, low voltage battery cell, heating system and BMS battery management system. The bottom shell of the battery box is made of DC04+DC01 material, and the top cover is in line with the material SMC to reduce the total weight of the system. The protection level of the battery box meets the requirements of IP67. The total power is 72kwh, and the battery is equipped with a fire extinguishing device. The operating environment of the battery pack is -35~65 ° C (the battery starts to automatically heat at -15 ° C). The energy density of the battery is 157.18wh/kg. Protection level IP67. The battery range is 240km. Battery box equipped with national standard battery box, can be used interchangeably with other vehicles of the same brand.

The normal charge and discharge times of the power battery are not less than 3000 times, and within 1500 times of normal charge and discharge, its energy storage is not less than 80% of the design energy storage, from the low power warning level to full: Charging time does not exceed 2 hours, equipped with national standard (GB) charging interface, can use the charging pile provided by the tenderee to charge, to meet the requirements of civil airport apron conditions all-weather charging. The charging mode is DC charging, and the battery management system has the functions of battery management, status monitoring, automatic heating and protection of charge and discharge. When the remaining power of the power battery reaches the lower limit, there is an optical signal warning display, and it is guaranteed to drive to the charging area (driving distance is 3KM) and the use of lighting power supply. The lithium-ion battery box is equipped with a fire prevention and control device, including measurement and control, fire extinguishing device, alarm display, etc., in line with the standard: C-CCF/XFJJ-01 electric bus power lithium-ion battery box fire prevention and control device general technical requirements.

Our company is responsible for the connection and debugging of the charging pile of the platform vehicle under charging state, and provides services including but not limited to adding the charging conversion interface (when the charging interface does not correspond) and the communication protocol matching the charging pile control system. Assist to complete the normal vehicle charging function

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