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Electric Self-propelled conveyor belt loader Advantages

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Electric Self-propelled conveyor belt loader Advantages

1. The baggage conveyor belt loader adopts lightweight design (500kg lighter than traditional vehicles), which is more energy-efficient and runs more steadily;

2. Charging is completed in 1.5 hours;

3, CAN digital network communication, real-time monitoring of vehicle dynamic characteristics;

4, customized development of integrated controller, so that the control system is more stable, reliable and convenient for maintenance;

5, customized development of display instrumentation main interface displays the vehicle status, speed, speed, power, voltage, temperature, etc., and within the functional interface displays its auxiliary information, fault codes, and detailed parameters of the entire vehicle.

6、Equipped with electric emergency and manual emergency device, once the motor failure, timely collection of outriggers, to ensure that the vehicle timely evacuation of the aircraft;

Electric Self-propelled conveyor belt loader Main technical parameters

Vehicle length × width × height (mm): 8200 × 2150 × 1990

  Wheelbase (mm): 2900

Wheelbase front/rear (mm): 1730/1680

Approach angle (°): 10.5

Outer diameter of passage circle (mm): 16200

Departure angle (°): 31

Longitudinal passing angle (°): 20

Overall vehicle mass (kg): 3240

Maximum speed (km/h) 25

Minimum stabilized speed (km/h): 0.5

Range (km ): 255

Range (large airports) ( km+t ): 203+300

Range (medium airports) ( km+t): 199+297

Range capacity (small airports) ( km+t): 197+297

  Drive motor power (kw): 30

Energy storage device assembly Ningde Times (kwh): 60.16

Discharge energy density PED=157.18WH/KG

Conveyor frame length (mm): 8200

Conveyor width: 700

Maximum front end: 4300

Lowest front end: 1100

 Rear maximum: 1530

 Lowest rear end: 480

 Total weight of conveyor belt with flat transmission (kg): 1080

Maximum total weight per piece at angle (kg): 400

Conveyor speed (m-s): 0.16-0.5

Applicable temperature conditions: -35-65

Electric Self-propelled conveyor belt loader Advantages



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