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Electric Towable Passenger Steps BMS Battery Management System

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The full name of BMS is Battery Management System. It is a device to monitor the status of energy storage batteries, mainly for the intelligent management and maintenance of each battery unit, in order to improve the utilization of the battery, to prevent overcharging and over-discharging of the battery, to extend the service life of the battery, and to monitor the status of the battery.

The BMS system is mainly used for real-time monitoring of battery parameters, fault diagnosis, SOC value estimation, mileage estimation, short-circuit protection, leakage monitoring, display alarms, charging and discharging mode selection, etc., and interacts with the vehicle controller or charger through the CAN bus to ensure the high efficiency, reliability and safe operation of the vehicle, as well as to ensure the safety and security in the process of the vehicle's use.

BMS battery management system mainly has the following functions:

(1) Real-time acquisition of battery system operating state parameters

Real-time collection of terminal voltage and temperature of each battery in the battery pack, charging and discharging current and total battery pack voltage. As the performance and status of each battery in the battery pack are not consistent in use, it is important to check the performance of the battery system and the status of the battery.

performance and state are not consistent, thus the voltage, current and temperature data of each battery should be monitored.

(2) Determine the SOC value of the battery

Accurately estimate the SOC value of the power battery pack, so as to forecast at any time how much energy is left in the storage battery of the electric vehicle or the SOC value of the storage battery, so that the SOC value of the battery can be controlled at 30%~70%.

value is controlled in the operating range of 30%~70%.

(3) Fault diagnosis and alarm

When the battery pack power or energy is too low and needs to be charged, timely alarm is given to prevent the battery from over-discharging and damaging the service life of the battery; when the temperature of the battery pack is too high and

non-normal work, timely alarm to ensure the normal operation of the battery.

(4) Thermal balance management of the battery pack

Battery thermal management system is an organic part of the battery management system, its function is to make the battery temperature in the normal operating temperature range through the cooling system such as fan and thermal resistance heating device.

Its function is to keep the battery temperature within the normal operating temperature range through cooling systems such as fans and thermal resistance heating devices.

(5) Consistency Compensation

When there is a difference between the batteries, there are certain measures to compensate, to ensure that the battery pack has a stronger performance ability, and there are certain means to show the location of the battery with poor performance, so that it can be repaired and replaced.

facilitate repair and replacement. Charging compensation function is generally used. Designed with a bypass shunt circuit to ensure that each single unit can be fully charged, which can slow down the progress of battery aging and

prolong the service life of the battery.

(6) Communication between each detection module and the central processing unit is realized through a bus

Electric Towable Passenger Steps Technical Parameters

Dimensions (L×W×H): 7770×2400×3650mm

Lift height range of passenger elevator: 2400~5800mm

Upper platform size: 3300mm*2200mm

Step size: 285mm*1500mm*192mm

Stroke of movable platform : 0-400mm

Maximum angle between the ladder body and the level : 38.5°.

Minimum ground clearance: 200mm

Outer diameter of channel circle : 18200mm

Front/rear wheelbase : 2000/2000mm

Total mass : 7380KG

Carrying capacity: 100 persons

Front axle load capacity : 3560kg

Rear axle load capacity: 3820kg

Maximum speed: 30

Minimum stabilized speed: 0.8

Drive motor power: 30kw

Total voltage: 309.12V

Total energy storage capacity: 70.48kwh lithium iron phosphate battery pack

Temperature range : -35~65

Battery energy density : 162.26Wh/kg

Wheelbase : 3400mm

Electric Towable Passenger Steps BMS Battery Management System



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