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Flight Catering Hi Lift Work Platforms

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Flight Catering Hi Lift platform is a frame structure, consisting of a fixed platform, left and right moving platform, front and rear telescopic platform, the platform door can be closed and has a pin, the platform are paved with 8mm thick patterned aluminum plate. The platform's left and right movement, front and rear expansion and contraction are realized by the relief valve, solenoid valve and two-way hydraulic lock control cylinder.

Telescopic platform docking aircraft have installed anti-collision hose, and the addition of an emergency protection switch, you can take the emergency stop work to do to protect the function of the work platform to prevent the occurrence of accidents in the aircraft hatch collision or scratches.

After testing our front platform safety belt fixing bolts, can bear 200kg impact force, to prevent the flight crew from falling. The interface between the floor and the platform is in a horizontal state after the food truck rises, and the gap between the interface is less than 2mm.

Flight Catering Hi Lift platform is equipped with 304 stainless steel protection net on both sides of the guardrail to prevent objects from falling; the guardrail adopts the hinged cover door closure type and is equipped with guardrail pins, which prevents pilots from forgetting to reset the pins and scratching the door when using the platform.

Flight Catering Hi Lift work platform



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