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Height indicator of passenger boarding ladder

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The height of WTJ5060JKT passenger boarding ladder body lifting platform is set to 2400mm ~ 5800mm, and has a fine-tuning function to adjust the height error between the passenger ladder platform and the aircraft door. It is suitable for A300, A310, A320, A330, A340, B737, B747, B757, B767, B777 and other models

Product standard

1) MH/T6029-2014 "Passenger Stairway"

2) AHM 920 "Detailed Function of Motorized Passenger Elevator"

3) AHM 923 "Functional Specification for Lift Passenger Elevators"

4) GB/T 23422-2009 "Functional Requirements for self-propelled Passenger elevators for large aircraft"

5) CCAR-137-CA-R3 Regulations on the Management of Special Equipment for Civil Airports

6) AP-137-CA-2015-02 "Inspection Measures for Special Equipment for Civil Airports (Trial)"

7) GB3847-2005 "Exhaust Smoke Emission Limits and Measurement Methods for Compressed combustion Engines and Compressed combustion Engines for Vehicles"

8) GB20891-2014 "Emission Limits and Measurement Methods of Diesel Exhaust Pollutants for Non-Road Mobile Machinery (China Stage 3 and 4)"

The height meter adopts the single chip microcomputer as the core, and samples the signal through the proximity switch on the guide pole, and sends the signal to the display machine for calculation, showing the instantaneous value of the ladder movement (that is, the actual height of the ladder). Due to the use of advanced computing technology and high-quality sampling devices, the display is highly accurate and the response is fast and sensitive. At the same time, because of the use of non-contact induction switch, the device is not easy to damage. In addition, the host is equipped with computer memory chips, measurement data can be maintained in long-term memory. The height meter is also equipped with a microcomputer reset button, which can be used for reference calibration. In case of interference and other reasons, the display error occurs, you can lower the ladder to the lowest height, and press the reset button to calibrate.

In addition to showing the instantaneous height of the platform lifting, the height display instrument also shows the change of the number of teeth of the indicating rack, reflecting the analog indication of the rise and fall and the support signal as well as the buzzer signal when the ladder body is falling.

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