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Hydraulic system for Ambulift PRM boarding

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The hydraulic system adopts the control mode of hydraulic valve group, all control valves and control switches involved in the hydraulic system adopt famous brands, there are two sets of hydraulic system, one set of hydraulic valve control system controls the compartment ascending and descending, the support foot closing and releasing, the platform left and right and ascending and descending, and one set of manual emergency system controls the box descending and the support foot closing.

JSTY5100JCRE Ambulift PRM boarding is a kind of ground special equipment produced by Jiangsu Tianyi Aviation Industry Co. The boarding car (electric type) is mainly modified by the QL1101BEVEMMAY chassis produced by Qingling Automobile Co. Front platform, car, front and rear folding sliding door, retractable stabilizing legs and heating and cooling units, chassis cab for the flat head, crew of 3: drive form 4 * 2, the highest design speed of 85Km / h. The boarding car up and down lifting, front platform can be front and rear retractable, left and right mobile (optional), is the only addition to the 360 around the vision system, the driver fatigue prevention system and the big data platform, a key to work and other systems vehicle It is the only vehicle in China which is equipped with 360 surround view system, driver anti-fatigue system, big data platform, key operation system, etc. It is able to connect with all types of airplanes with the height of the hatch between 2200~6000mm, rated lifting weight is 3500kg, rated loading of the fixed platform is 1200kg, rated loading of the movable platform is 800kg, and rated loading of the rear platform is 400kg, mileage is 340km, and the working temperature is -40~+67℃.

MH/T 6016-2017 "Ambulift PRM boarding" AC-137-CA-2019-04 "Ambulift PRM boarding test specification" AC-137-CA-2015-20R1 "General technical requirements for ground service equipment for motorized aircraft" JG 5099-1988 "The Safety Rules for Aerial Work Machinery GB 7258-2004 Safety Technical Conditions for the Operation of Motor Vehicles AHM910 Basic Requirements for Aviation Ground Equipment AHM913 Basic Safety Requirements for Aviation Ground Equipment AHM915 Standard Controls AHM910 Basic Requirements for Civil Aircraft Ramp Support Equipment

Hydraulic system for Ambulift PRM boarding



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