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Lavatory Trucks Water Tank

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Lavatory Trucks water tank is made of 5mm stainless steel S304 stainless steel plate, the box consists of three completely isolated tanks.

Cold area water tank using insulation box water tank insulation type water tank is in the room temperature type water tank on the basis of a layer of 2.5mm thick cold rolled steel plate, the middle filled with 30mm thick foam material, so that the water tank for thermal insulation, to prevent freezing in winter.

Lavatory Trucks water tank is equipped with 4mm thick molded stainless steel anti-swing plate, to avoid shaking phenomenon when the water tank is filled with water and the vehicle is moving, and welded firmly, reasonably arranged, easy to clean. At the top of the water tank are equipped with ventilation valves.

When the vacuum degree reaches the rated vacuum pressure of the box, the breathing valve starts to suck air from the outside of the box to the inside of the box, so as to ensure the safety of the box, the bottom is equipped with a sewage outlet, and the sewage tank is equipped with a sewage observation window on the end face of the tail end of the sewage tank, so that the sewage level in the cabin can be observed. The two water tanks are fixed with the car beam in the form of rubber cushion coupling, which reduces the vibration of the tank when the car is traveling.

Lavatory Trucks Water Tank



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