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What are the main features of TY-KT58 passenger stairs

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TY-KT58 passenger boarding ladder main configuration

1. Engine

Type: Displacement 4.038 L, four stroke, water cooled, direct injection, turbocharged

Model: TCD2012 L04 2V

Maximum output power: 103kw/2400 rpm

Maximum output torque: 520Nm/1600 rpm

Generator: 28V, 55A

2. Gearbox

Type: Automatic hydraulic transmission, forward gear I: 3.10, II: 1.81, III: 1.41, IV: 1.0; Reverse gear I: 4.49

Model: Allsion1000

3. Front bridge

Type: Steering axle with hydraulic disc brakes

Model: HF450Z

The front bundle: 1 ~ 3mm (radial tire), adjusted with a transverse tie rod

Wheel base: 2000 mm

Load: 5 T

4. Rear axle

Type: Rear axle drive with drum service and parking brakes

Model: HY455

Main reduction ratio: 6.83

Wheel base: 2000 ±5 mm

Load: 5.5T

5. Tires

Type: all-wire radial tire for truck

Model: 215/75R17.5 16PR

Tire pressure: 860 kPa

6. Steering system

Type: Full hydraulic steering gear

Model: 101S-1-100-10-A

7. Capacity

Fuel tank: 0# diesel, 85 L

Hydraulic tank: Great Wall anti-wear hydraulic oil L-HM-32, 60L

Engine coolant: Great Wall multi-effect antifreeze FD-2, 24L

Engine oil: Great Wall oil 15W-40 CF-4, 4.0 ~ 5.2L

Transmission oil: Mobil ATF-DEXRON III, 8 L

Rear axle gear oil: Great Wall gear oil GL5 80W-90, 3L

Brake fluid: DOT-4000, 2.5 bottles

Air conditioning refrigerant: R134a, 13.6kg

8. Electrical system

Electric bottle: 120AH (camel)

Generator: 28V-55A

Relay: RH4B-UL(DC24V) (Omron)

What are the main features of TY-KT58 passenger stairs



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