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Tianyi Security System (TY-ASD)

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For a long time, aviation ground support equipment is often affected by factors such as line of sight, weather, specific location, human, work efficiency, etc., which is a potential risk factor that troubles the safety of civil aircraft, and incidents of equipment hitting aircraft occur from time to time. With the wide application of new materials (new composite materials) in new aircraft and the rapid development of civil aviation industry, the harm of contact impact to aircraft is becoming increasingly prominent, and it is particularly important and urgent to solve this problem.

According to the requirements of Chapter 913 of the Safety Operation Manual of IATA2017 edition, Tianyi Company actively responds to the standard needs of the industry and is committed to the safety advancement of equipment in line with international standards. At the beginning of 2017, we cooperated with a number of experts from China Southern Aviation University, China Northern Aviation University and Harbin Institute of Technology to jointly develop this TY-ASD system, and the technology of this system has reached the international advanced level. Meet the requirements of the latest civil aviation standard "Aircraft Ground Service Equipment Safety Technical Requirements" (AC-137-CA-2020-01).

Guiding principle: IATA clearly proposes that when contact airport ground support equipment is docked with aircraft, safety monitoring system should be installed to improve the reliability and safety of equipment to aircraft, and avoid the occurrence of contact impact as far as possible.

Applicable models :Aircraft Catering Truck series,Airport ambulift series, bulk cargo loader series, passenger ladder series, aviation garbage collection truck series

Sensor sensing distance :10m

Turtle speed: ≤2Km/h

Cochlear speed: ≤0.7Km/h

Movable platform expansion speed: ≤0.1m/s

Platform swing Angle range: ≤10°

Protection level: IP67




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