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Toilet Unloading Vehicle Water Supply System Assembly

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The toilet unloading vehicle adopts Qingling's second class chassis modified into an all-new type of airport special vehicle which collects sewage and refills fresh water for the airplane, the chassis cab of this product is flat head, single row seat, two-door type, with two passengers; the driving type is 4×2, the volume of fresh water tank is 1.4m⊃3;, the volume of sewage tank is 2.48m⊃3;, the effective volume of circulating water tank is 0.12m⊃3;, and the flow rate of fresh water supply is 130L/min. 0.12m⊃3;, the flow rate of fresh water is 130L/min. This product can be widely applied to A300, A310, A318, A319, A320, B707, B727, B737, B747, B757, B767, B777, DC8, 1L-18, 1L -62, MD11, MD80 and other models.

The water pump is mounted on the lower left front end of the box, directly connected to the water tank outlet, the water pump adopts stainless steel centrifugal pump model ZS50-32-200/4.0, driven by the motor. The pump is made of stainless steel with mechanical sealing, equipped with a water discharge screw plug at the lowest part of the pump, and a safety regulator in the water pipeline system, which can adjust the water pressure when supplying water according to the actual use (under general working condition, the pressure when supplying water is 0.25Mpa~0.35Mpa).

The water supply pipeline is composed of stainless steel pipe and hose, and the water hose is a food-grade delivery hose, and a water filling connector is installed at the end of the outlet pipe, which can be quickly connected with the water filling port of the airplane, and a shut-off valve is installed on the working platform at the middle of the water supply pipeline, which is used for controlling the backflow of the water in the water supply pipeline and the flow rate of the water. Pipeline installation of electronic turbine-type flowmeter, can easily see each time the amount of water and flow rate.LWGYDN25 type turbine flowmeter using a turbine through the water flow drive rotation, cutting the principle of magnetic lines of force, so that the measured flow rate values in the LCD display shows up. The flowmeter pipe is made of stainless steel, power supply with special batteries, the flowmeter has a single flow a key to clear the zero function.

Technical parameters of toilet unloading vehicle

Total length mm : 6965

Total width mm :2300

Overall height mm: 2250

Wheelbase mm : 3815

Wheelbase (front/rear) mm : 1685/1650

Front overhang mm :1100

Rear overhang mm: 2050

Approach angle (°): 24

Departure angle (°): 13

Longitudinal passing angle (°): 17

Minimum ground clearance mm : 215

Outer diameter of passage circle mm : 16380

Total mass kg : 4700

Fresh water tank volume L : 1900

Sewage tank volume L: 3700

Recycled water tank capacity L : 200

Temperature range ℃ :-35~65

Tank material/thickness mm :316L/5

Water supply pressure Mpa :0.25~0.35

Mileage km: 310

Maximum speed km/h: 90

Platform lifting range mm :400~3000

Total energy storage capacity kWh:106.95

Rated power/speed kw/r/min: 75/2000

Rated current A: 200

Total voltage V :618.24

toilet unloading vehicle



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