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360° panoramic view system for diesel Aircraft Catering Trucks

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The 360° panoramic viewing system of diesel Aircraft Catering Trucks processes the multi-channel video images collected at the same time into a 360° top view of the vehicle by installing four wide-angle cameras around the vehicle that can cover all the field of view around the vehicle. Finally, it is displayed on the screen of the center console, so that the driver can clearly see whether there are obstacles around the vehicle and understand the relative orientation and distance of the obstacles, helping the driver to park the vehicle easily. Not only is it very intuitive, it can improve the driver's ease of handling the vehicle parking or through the complex road surface, effectively reducing the occurrence of scratches, collisions, falls and other accidents.

Aircraft Catering Trucks parameters

Vehicle size (L × W × H)mm: 10400×2500×3700(3800 canopy)

Interior dimensions (length × width × height)mm: 7350×2360×2200

External dimensions (length × width × height) mm: 7500×2500×2400

Rated power kW/r/min: 175/2400

Maintenance weight kg: 13280

Total mass kg: 19680

Wheelbase mm: 5550

Wheel base (front/rear) mm: 1960/1855

Minimum ground clearance mm: 290

Channel circle Outer circle diameter mm: 19400

Platform working height mm: 2600 ~ 6200

Rated load kg: 6200

Rated load capacity of front platform: 2500 kg

Rated load capacity of the moving part of the front platform: 700 kg

Rated load of the fixed part of the front platform kg: 1800

Adjustment range mm: 0 to 700

Fixed platform dimensions (L × W)mm: 1900×2265

Platform expansion adjustment range mm: 0 to 600

Mobile platform dimensions (length × width)mm: 950×1200

Maximum torque N·m/r/min: 850/1400

360° panoramic view system for diesel Aircraft Catering Trucks



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