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  • TYLTD300 Luggage Tractor (electric) cab brief introduction


    The cab adopts a unique arch design with beautiful appearance and strong strength. The unique observation channel can see the traction bolts behind at a glance. The ergonomic design of the maneuvering room and the simple and generous design of the hood at the front and rear part of the body make it
  • Technical Requirements for Pipeline Cleaning of Electric Bulk Cargo Loaders


    1. Flushing flow rate: flushing flow rate depends on the diameter of the pipe, and adopts series mode to ensure that the oil flow in the pipeline becomes turbulent, and the flow rate of the oil flow in the pipe should be above 3m/s.Second, the flushing pressure: the flushing pressure does not exceed
  • Installation requirements for hydraulic components of electric baggage conveyor belt


    First, hydraulic pump/motor installation requirements:1. Install according to the regulations and requirements of the design drawings;2 The rotation direction of the hydraulic pump shaft and the transmission mechanism shaft must be the direction required by the pump;3 The coaxiality of the pump shaf



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