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Jiangsu Tianyi Aviation Industry Co., Ltd.

Jiangsu Tianyi Aviation Industry Co., Ltd. was founded in 2011, with a registered capital of 88.66 million yuan, located in Jianhu, Jiangsu Province, is a national high-tech enterprise, with more than 200 employees, including various types of R & D and technical personnel of about 80 people, Tianyi is one of the three largest manufacturer specialized in the Civil Airport ground support equipment (GSE) who provides its customers a wide ranger of aviation special vehicles, the product line cover aircraft catering truck, Airplane Passenger Stairs, Ambulift truck, luggage transporter, water service truck, lavatory service trucks, garbage truck and so on.
The company passed the ISO9001---2008 product quality system certification in 2011, the company was awarded the title of national high-tech enterprise in 2014, passed the ISO9001--2015 product quality system certification, international environmental management system certification, occupational health and safety management system certification in 2017, and was awarded the qualification of the national weapons and equipment contracting qualification and the weapons and equipment production unit in 2018. In 2019, Tianyi's new energy aviation food truck has passed the expert evaluation of the National Science and Technology Progress Award, Jiangsu Province Industrial Internet Demonstration Project, "Excellent Award of Disruptive Technological Innovation Competition" by Torch Centre of the Ministry of Science and Technology of the People's Republic of China, and "Intelligent Algorithm Simulation Challenge (Enterprise)" of China (Zhengzhou) International Intelligent Connected Vehicle Competition. China (Zhengzhou) International Intelligent Networked Vehicle Competition Intelligent Algorithm Simulation Challenge (Enterprise) Best Algorithm Award for Lesser Manned Ramp Group, Winning Performance Award for Real Vehicle Intelligent Driving General Scenario Autonomous Driving Challenge (Commercial Vehicle Group), and Winning Performance Award for Special Application Scenario Park Logistics Challenge, and in July 2023, the company was awarded the title of the fifth batch of specialised speciality, speciality, and new "small giants" of the country. The company is a participant in the formulation of national standards for equipment in the field of civil aviation, in which our aviation food cart technical standard has become the latest national standard for this product.

The company has 69 invention patents, 79 utility model patents, 40 software copyrights, 10 international PTC patents, in addition, 54 invention patents in the process of filing, 19 invention patents in the process of acceptance, 10 software copyrights, 10 international PTC patents.
In recent years, it is relying on the company's excellent independent research and development capabilities and product safety quality, products are exported to Southeast Asia, Central Asia, the Middle East, Africa, South America, North and Central America and the Caribbean and other 35 countries and regions; at the same time, continue to plough the stock market in Russia, and actively lay out the market in Central and Eastern Europe, Western Europe, and improve the agents to improve the strategic mechanism.

As the company continues to increase R & D investment in new energy GSE equipment technology empowerment, ASD safety by aircraft collision avoidance, 5G big data supervision, L4 level unmanned driving and other technologies to take the lead in the industry to achieve the development and application of the fusion of the above multi-technology superimposed on the comprehensive ability to make strong, constantly iterative upgrading of the product towards information technology, intelligent continued to move forward, and make unique contributions to the high-quality development of civil aviation.

Innovation Strength

Tianyi has mechanical processing, surface painting, overall assembly workshop and hydraulic clean room, electrical laboratory, material warehouse, office building, living building, and is equipped with a complete set of advanced equipment and facilities of scientific research, production and experiment.

Tianyi has always insisted on the continuous introduction and optimization of technical and management talents. Tianyi has more than 250 employees, 36 design and development technicians, and it occupies 50% in all kinds of technicians that the persons have been engaged in civil aviation product modification for a long time. Several dozen products have obtained national patents, including two invention patents.



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