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7 T Container Dolly Technical specifications

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1. Frame:
(1) Overall dimensions (length × width × height) : 4035mm×3450mm×610mm including mop and tail hook;
(2) working face height 520mm;
(3) The aisle panel is welded with 3mm pattern steel plate;
(4) The guide plate adopts 10mm thick steel plate; Height 145-155mm;
(5) Load capacity: ≥7000KG
(6) Vehicle mass ≥1000kg;
(7) Two forklift holes are reserved under the channel steel, and the spacing of forklift holes is 580-600mm;
2. Drum mechanism:
(1) The working surface of the equipment is equipped with 28 galvanized rollers to facilitate the loading and unloading of containers;
(2) The weight of each drum should be ≥6.3kg; Front wheel mechanism:
Front wheel tires are 4, each group of two wheels, solid core rubber double wheels, using universal wheel mode, 360 degree Angle, equipped with oil nozzle (butter nozzle), convenient for subsequent filling butter.
Rear wheel mechanism:
The number of rear wheels is 4, two groups of two wheels, 14*4.5-8 solid rubber double wheels.
3. Mop:
(1) The mop has the dual function of multi-car connection and brake, and the mop has the brake function when it is put down;
(2) The mop pull ring is made of 325x130x20mm steel plate, the pull ring specification is 115x85mm, Φ12 round steel.
4. Appearance:
(1) The equipment shall be sprayed with the number, weight, operation warning and production nameplate (including equipment name, manufacturer, equipment self-number and equipment use restrictions) as required by Party A
(2) Reflective signs: sprayed on both sides and back of the equipment
(3) Surface treatment: the whole car spray.

7 T Container Dolly Technical specifications



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