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Aircraft Air Start Unit product introduction

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Aircraft Air Start Unit is mainly composed of six parts: automobile chassis assembly, chassis frame assembly, unit assembly (including compressor air supply system, air path control system, etc.), housing assembly, hose groove assembly and electrical assembly. Key components should be selected from well-known foreign brands of original imported products.

Applicable model: Boeing 707, 717, 727, 737 series, 757, 767, 747 series, some B777, DC8, DC9, DC10, MD80 series, MD90, MD11, Airbus A320 series, A340 series, A300, A310, A330, that is, all models except GE90 engines .

Technical specification
Auxiliary gas supply: 1.7~2.1bar(25~30psi), adjustable
Starting gas supply: 2.4~2.9bar(35~42psi), adjustable;
Gas supply flow: 300ppm;
Dimensions: 7340×2260×2610mm;
Minimum turning diameter: 16m;
Minimum ground clearance: 170mm;
Approach Angle: 23º;
Deangulation: 17º;



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