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Aircraft Garbage Truck

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WTJ5060LJC Aircraft Garbage Truck adopts Qingling second class chassis modification. The product is equipped with advanced electrical control system, and the platform has two sets of safety devices for docking aircraft and height display circuit. The product is beautiful in appearance, convenient in operation, safe and reliable in use. It also has a fine-tuning function to adjust the height error between the platform and the aircraft door, which is suitable for the use of A300, A310, A320, A330, A340, B737, B747, B757, B767, B777 and other models. Dustbin capacity 15m3; Rated load of 1 ton, the maximum height of the platform from the ground can be achieved 2400-5800mm, the box tilted with the platform, so that the garbage can fall to the bottom, the working platform and the front end of the box hinged connection, and the rod will be connected with the end of the diagonal beam, forming a parallelogram mechanism, when the door frame lifting, the box is turned around the fixed shaft on the diagonal beam. The platform rotates around the box and is always kept parallel to the ground to ensure the operation of the staff.
The cockpit height digital display indicates the actual height of the work platform for easy docking with the doors of various models.



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