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Aircraft PRM Medical Lift main performance of the work platform

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Aircraft PRM Medical Lift platform is a frame structure, composed of fixed platform, front and rear contraction platform, the fixed platform is located on the top of the cab, it can slide up and down along the front rail of the compartment, the range of front and rear movement is 0-600mm, there is a stainless steel folding guardrail between the fixed platform and the front contraction platform, and the locking device of the platform rotating side door adopts the self-locking structure, it is safe and reliable. The stainless steel guardrail bar of the telescopic platform and the front end of the platform are equipped with O-type non-scratch collision hose. The guardrail on both sides of the platform is equipped with 304 stainless steel protection mesh to prevent objects from falling, and the guardrail adopts the hinge closure type. Guardrail pins using diameter ≥ 20mm pins, pin holes plus sheath, the height of the pin and the height of the guardrail, pins installed in the work of the small platform, to prevent the flight crew in the use of forgetting to reset the pins and scratching the door.

Activity small platform drive mode adopts hydraulic cylinder drive,, telescopic platform collision pipe below the left and right each installed a photoelectric type induction switch, in the set safety distance, the switch senses the cabin door, the telescopic platform immediately stops moving; telescopic platform collision pipe left and right ends above the 45 ° angle to the upper limit of the upper limit of the installation of touch-switch, touch-switch whiskers protruding from the anti-collision hose ≧ 10cm, when the touch-switch touching When the touch switch touches an object, the carriage stops rising immediately. Horizontal tentacle limit switches are installed at the left and right ends of the platform collision avoidance hose, and the platform stops moving left and right when it touches an object.

Main technical parameters of Aircraft PRM Medical Lift

Platform working height (mm): 2200~6000

Rated load of compartment (kg): 3500

Rated load of fixed platform (kg): 1500

Rated load of movable platform (kg): 800

Adjustable range of platform expansion and contraction (mm): 0~600

Fixed platform size (L×W) (mm): 2300×2000

Mobile platform size (L×W) (mm): 700×1960

Mass (kg): 10900

Wheelbase (mm): 5200

Overall dimensions (L×W×H) (mm): 9700×2400×3770

Maximum speed (km/h): 85

Minimum Ground Clearance (mm): 180

Mileage (km): 340

Aircraft PRM Medical Lift



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